Events at NFC

So again we ask you, our wonderful attendees and STEW, to submit us your ideas for events you want to hold at NFC 2023.
You only need three things to submit a proposal, an idea, a title and a user. You can create the user immediately or when you submit your first proposal.
It is not connected to your NFC account or anything and only applies to proposals. This also means any issues with your user should be addressed to [email protected] rather than NFC IT.
We are interested in seeing what you can come up with. Anything from pie design contest to some obscure meet and greet. So please let us know and we will together see if we can make it happen.

WARNING: Do not use the back button! Proceed through the registration of your event and then go back to it to edit it. This is available through the entire acceptance process.

This year we are using Pretalx, it offers some benefits and differences.

  • It runs, we like things that work.
  • It has some features we are still working on in our internal system, like being able to hold the Event with a friend.
  • It allows editing of the proposals by all parts of NFC. Yes, your proposal will be sent to other departments so they can review them and get back to you with information.
  • It has built in scheduling.
  • It requires yet another login though and we are sorry for that.